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TRS Apprenticeships improve workforce morale and motivation

Our employer survey results are in!

Here at TRS Training, we are always striving to shape and continually improve our services to meet employer needs. To this end, we regularly gather feedback from the employers we work with on apprenticeships.

Our most recent survey to employer clients asked them about their experiences with apprentices recruited and trained through TRS Training in the previous three months. We wanted to know about whether they were experiencing any of the intended benefits of employing an apprentice.  

100% satisfaction

When the survey was completed and findings compiled, we were delighted to find that all respondents stated that they were 100% satisfied with experience. All of those surveyed also stated that they would employ additional apprentices in the future, and would not hesitate to utilise and recommend TRS Training to others. We could not be more pleased with these answers, as it really proves that what we do is meeting the needs of employers and helping them develop staff through Apprenticeships.

LGV clients happy with TRS off the job training model

When it comes to the LGV industry, there was specific feedback that employers were pleased that the apprenticeship programme had helped them find skilled drivers, something they had struggled with in the past. They were also fully supportive of the structure of the “off the job training” taking place through our virtual classroom facility.

Many of the employers surveyed cited additional benefits that they believed made a positive impact to the organisation. The most common impact was the improved motivation and morale of the existing workforce, due to “young blood” being injected into their organisation. 

This is high praise, and while TRS Training has always believed strongly in what we have to offer, this reassurance is always welcome. All of the feedback we received will help us to design even more effective programmes in the future. 

PMO apprentices contribute to efficiency and effectiveness

Employers with apprentices on performing manufacturing operations apprenticeships were pleased to report that they directly contributed to improved efficiency, lower overheads and increased profits. Existing staff who have enrolled on TRS’s programmes have greatly improved attitude and interest in their job which rubs off on their workplace colleagues.

Other positive feedback includes:

Warehousing employers report high satisfaction with both upskilling of staff through apprenticeships, and retention levels. Employers report that the apprentices’ training through TRS has increased level of IT skills in their organisations

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