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Four reasons to do a Porters Apprenticeship with TRS Training

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Are you aged 16 to 18? If you’ve left school recently or in the last two years, there is a brilliant new opportunity to get a career in the logistics industry.  With the right attitude, you can get a paid apprenticeship and a long term career path with great earning potential and job satisfaction.

TRS Training has teamed up with the British Association of Removers (BAR) to offer the Porters Apprenticeship. BAR support hundreds of companies, businesses or households relocate in the UK or even abroad. These employers have apprenticeships available NOW for school leavers and other young people. These apprenticeships come with industry-standard training coordinated by TRS Training.

By undertaking this Porters Apprenticeship, you’re guaranteed to develop the necessary skills for the removals sector. Anybody aged 16-18 can apply for this exciting new opportunity today.  To help you make your mind up here are four reasons you should apply to get on a Porters Apprenticeship with TRS Training:

1. Get your driving licence!

As part of this Porters Apprenticeship, we’ll pay for you to take car driving lessons, take your theory test and obtain your license. Yes, that’s right, this programme includes driving lessons and your test!  Because getting your license to drive a car is the first step towards driving a commercial vehicle. Your driving license is a great thing to have under your belt and on your CV, but lessons are expensive and soon mount up. Doing this apprenticeship means you won’t have to pay for lessons and your test.

2. Great career progression opportunities. 

If you’ve got lots of energy and ambition, a career in this industry sector could be right up your street. Each place on TRS’s Porters Apprenticeship programme is a real paid job with an employer in the removals industry. You’ll get proper skills and lots of experience on the job. And what’s more, this apprenticeship opens up a great long term career route. You can progress onto an apprenticeship in large goods vehicle driving (LGV). And long term, you could aim to qualify as a transport supervisor or manager, overseeing fleets of vehicles that keep the UK moving! 

3. Get recognised industry skills

While working and learning industry skills on the job, you’ll be coached and supported by TRS Training You’ll attend virtual learning seminars, have a workplace mentor to guide you, and undertake a variety of sector specific training delivered by the BAR’s Learning & Development team.  The content of your training will include transport management systems, relevant legislation and gaining an understanding of the equipment and vehicles used. At the end of 12 months, you will be assessed to ensure you have the actual skills to do the job. 

4. Great earning potential 

When you start on the Porters Apprenticeship, you are likely to receive a higher wage than people starting on other apprenticeships. As both TRS Training and BAR are encouraging employers to pay above the national standard wage for apprenticeships. There is a shortage of qualified staff in the removals industry so once you complete your Porters Apprenticeship, your earning potential will increase significantly. The removals companies that who belong to the British Association of Removers are committed to investing in staff who work hard and are loyal. 

To find out more about getting on a Porters Apprenticeship with a removals company contact TRS Training on 01744 809 010 or email We have vacancies available now across the country!

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