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Employing Family and Friends in My Removal Company

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Deciding to employ friends or family in your removals firm can be a great move. Employing them through a Porter Apprenticeship can be an even better move!

If you want to employ friends or family in your removals firm, then a Porter Apprenticeship could be the best way to do it. It means you get access to funding that helps the both person you are taking on and your business. This article is essential reading. It helps to answer the question ‘How can apprenticeships help me employ friends or family?”

Want to employ friends or family? 

As a removals or haulage firm, there is a good chance you are either already employing family and friends, or thinking about it. Operating this way comes with great benefits. 

Firstly, you will be giving the invaluable gift of a career opportunity to someone you care about. And who knows, for you, it could be a way of keeping the family name over the door! 

Many firms take school leavers under their wing. These recruits could be business owners’ sons, daughters, nieces or nephews. Or those of their friends. Providing a job opportunity will make a real difference to these young people.  And in case there is any doubt, an apprenticeship is a proper job.  If you decide to employ a friend or family member aged 16 to 18 as a porter apprentice, there is funding available for driving lessons and tests, as well as professional industry training.

We Can Help You Employ Friends or Family  

TRS Training can guide you through creating an apprentice porter position as a way to welcome friends and family into your business.  It’s worth bearing in mind that you can do an apprenticeship at any age.  For firms that don’t pay the Apprenticeship Levy, the government will meet 95% of training costs. TRS Training are experts in apprenticeship funding, so we’ll explain what funds are available and show you how to get them.

Give the Gift of Driving to Your Friend or Family Member

If the person you are thinking of taking on is between 16 and 18 years of age, then the Porter Apprenticeship programme will fund them to achieve their driving licence. Paying for driving lessons is often a financial burden for young people and their parents. Helping them get their licence as part of the porter apprenticeship is a way of supporting friends or family members as well as boosting loyalty to your business. 

Apprenticeships help keep your service up to date

Having a staff member on an industry-approved Porter Apprenticeship gives removal business owners an insight into what are considered to be the necessary skills to work as a porter. So an apprenticeship is an excellent way for your company to acquire the skills deemed essential to delivering a decent removals service today. And what’s more, as a result of their professional training, apprentices often bring new ideas and ways of doing things to the business, which can be as important as years’ of removals experience.

Training Leads To Competitive Advantage

TRS Training has more than ten years’ experience working with logistics and haulage firms of all sizes.  We have pioneered the porter apprentice in partnership with The British Association of Removers. 

Apprentice porters develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to successfully execute packing/unpacking and moving household, office and other furniture and equipment. They are trained to conduct removals into or out of premises or storage and how to prepare for national and international transit. 

By enrolling your new employee on the Porter Apprenticeship with TRS, you can gain a competitive advantage. Their apprenticeship training gives them high-quality skills relevant to the removals industry, which they can put into practice in your firm. Also, any porter apprentices aged 16 to 18 will be eligible to complete £1000 worth of coveted BAR industry training courses. As the employer, you decide which of these courses would benefit your removals firm. There is a wide range to choose from, including specialist packing and removing pianos, commercial estimating, and removals masterclass. Having a staff member who has completed a Porter Apprenticeship plus undertaken specialist courses will boost your business credentials and could help you win more specialist work.  TRS Training’s Porter Apprenticeship is open to anyone aged 16 or over. The additional funding for driving lessons and BAR courses is specifically for 16 to 18-year-olds. For further information about employing friends or family, or creating a porter apprenticeship vacancy in your firm, please call Kevin Birch on 07788 120 608.