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No Lockdown on Learning

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Introducing ACCELERATED Transport Manager training for staff in working from home or on furlough.

Unique apprenticeship solution available for limited time only

Apprenticeships in Lockdown

If you have talented staff in furlough, here’s 5 reasons why now is the time to put them on a Transport Manager Apprenticeship

1.Accelerated lockdown learning programme

Firstly, staff on apprenticeships can complete a significant proportion of their off-the-job training requirement whilst working from home or furloughed. This is thanks to a special condensed training schedule developed by TRS and the RHA consisting of daily virtual training sessions and self-study. To emphasise, this is a time-limited opportunity available for furloughed staff who enrol during this lockdown period.

2. Keep your staff furloughed or working from home engaged and motivated

Secondly, staff working from home or furloughed can feel isolated and cut off from the business. So putting them on a Transport Manager Apprenticeship helps them regain their confidence and will nurture their motivation and ambition. Furthermore, it shows you value them.

3. No Levy Lockdown – use it or lose it

Large employers are still required to pay their Apprenticeship Levy during this pandemic. It’s important to realise these funds don’t go on hold. They still need to be spent within 24 months or they will expire and can no longer be used by the employer for apprenticeship training. Meanwhile, businesses who don’t pay the Apprenticeship Levy can access 95% Government funding to pay for apprenticeships

4. Benefits of Transport Manager Apprenticeship

It’s important to remember Apprenticeships bring many benefits to your business including:

  • an effective way of developing existing staff into qualified transport managers
  • increase staff loyalty and retention, consequently reducing staff turnover
  • includes achievement of Transport Manager CPC and ILM Diploma for Managers at Level 3

5. Easy to enrol online

Lastly, it’s easy to enrol furloughed staff of those working from home onto a Transport Manager Apprenticeship with our virtual enrolment process. Contact Kevin on 0778 812 0608 to find out more.

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