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Keener, leaner business strategies for post-pandemic manufacturing landscape

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As the country emerges from the Covid-19 crisis amidst much uncertainty, many businesses are reporting one positive. Namely, that lockdown has provided time and space to review operations. As a consequence, many have pinpointed how and where to save costs. An unexpected by-product of the shutdown is firms focussing on becoming leaner and keener. Indeed, some having already made significant changes in this direction.

The manufacturing sector is a prime example of an industry where efficiency is key to success. Cutting costs, streamlining processes and increased flexibility are features we expect to see as firms emerge more robust and resilient than before. As such, now is a better time than ever for businesses to add Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeships to their toolkit. This staff development programme focusses on improving productivity and eliminating inefficiency. In this way it helps make companies fitter to compete, in other words, to be leaner.

Right now, manufacturing firms can take advantage of up to 100% funding to develop their workforce as qualified Lean Manufacturing Operatives through apprenticeships.  It’s important to note that we are currently enrolling manufacturing staff onto the programme despite the pandemic. And this includes those working from home or on furlough, thanks to sophisticated online recruitment and virtual learning platforms.

Five Years Of Innovation in 18 Months

During challenging times, innovation is vital. Some commenters predict that ‘manufacturers will experience five years of innovation in the next 18 months.’ The TRS Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship can help this become a reality in your firm by training staff to focus on achieving the goal of leanness.  

The UK economy will feel the impact of Covid-19 for many years to come.  Importantly, the mindset and approach of management and staff will be a defining factor in those firms that thrive in 2021 and beyond. 

Apprentices Bring You The Future Now

Apprentices will add exponential value now and in the long run. They have a proactive role to play in the recovery of the economy and individual firms. Recruiting school leavers into new apprenticeship positions is a way of increasing fresh ideas and enthusiasm into your business, with recruits who embrace change and new working practices readily.  

Alongside this, existing production line staff are also great contenders for enrolling onto a Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship. Because in a slimmer workforce, staff motivation is crucial and showing your employees you value them will boost loyalty. 

Government funding for Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeships

When the furlough scheme and other rescue initiatives come to an end, apprenticeships will remain a direct way for the Government to invest in your business directly. To illustrate, if your company pays the apprenticeship levy, all of this can be used to pay for apprenticeship training. And if you don’t pay the Levy, the Government will currently pay 95% of costs of the apprenticeship.

Lean Manufacturing Operative

TRS Training will tailor the Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship to fit in with the requirements and schedule of your business, causing minimum disruption but maximum positive impact.

Those enrolling on the course will develop skills to work more efficiently and precisely.  As a result, production lines will develop and maintain a fast pace. Apprentices gain a Level 2 Diploma in Manufacturing and are fully trained in the Lean Six Sigma approach to operational excellence and efficiency. This highly regarded management approach is a set of techniques that improves business processes by reducing the likelihood of errors and defects. 

The Workforce of Tomorrow

The course produces manufacturing professionals, giving them a career path. Apprentices gain advanced skills across production, lean manufacturing operations, quality control and problem-solving. Likewise, the course will embed continuous improvement and workplace organisation. The apprentices of today will be the quality assessors, improvement managers and production directors of tomorrow.

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