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Employer Feedback: Zeus Group

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I strongly recommend TRS Training. They delivered training programmes to 42 staff when I was in Jack Wills. They loved it and we actually obtained benefits in staff retention but also found that our colleagues came up with a lot of ideas around efficiency. We have just started with them at Zeus Group.

What is different about TRS to the other training agencies is your access to the senior guys in the organisation (Kevin and Gill) and their ability to sort things out quickly. You will have challenges releasing staff eg you plan the training on a certain day and something comes up in your business that means that you now can’t release staff or some of your team get behind on their work. When this happens, TRS are so supportive and understanding.

On both occasions that I have used them we have been very lucky with the onsite trainer that they assigned to us. Both of them were brilliant and really fitted well with the onsite teams. I do not recommend and put my name to many external organisations , in this case with Kevin Birch, I have absolutely no hesitation because I know he will not let you down.

Tim AllinsonZeus Group

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