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TRS Training approved as Gateway for Kickstart Scheme

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We’re pleased to announce that TRS Training is an approved gateway for the Kickstart Scheme. Consequently, we can help employers access funding for wages and associated support.

Kickstart is a significant new Government initiative giving the economy, firms and young people a boost. Specifically, the Government has designed the programme to help under-24s get ready for the world of work. Accordingly, the underpinning feature of the scheme is industry experience. 

Nurturing Young Talent

So thanks to Kickstart, job prospects are looking up for the next generation of workers. Particularly those who have been struggling to find employment since the Covid crisis. Participating firms that are ready to nurture young talent by creating vacancies will get the wages of their Kickstart recruits paid, along with funding for a range of training and support. The placements need to be for 25 hours a week for six months.

Kickstart Gateway 

Because TRS Training is an accredited Kickstart gateway, we can help firms of any size access the scheme. 

We are inviting businesses to get involved. In particular, we are looking for companies who will embrace the parameters of the initiative. Namely, to create vacancies for Kickstart recruits. Please note that the job roles need to be entirely new positions. Furthermore, young people should be able to start work with a minimum of training. TRS Training will complement your investment by assisting with recruitment, training plans and paperwork.

Now is an ideal time to invest in the next generation of workers through Kickstart. In addition to wages, the scheme provides the employer with £1500 for each recruit. Specifically, this is for the company to use as they need to cover costs associated with the recruit. For example, skills development, uniform, travel and other support. TRS Training has a menu of training options that the employer can choose from to develop their recruits.

Next Generation

TRS Training is currently working with trade organisations – Road Haulage Association, British Association of Removers, and the Builder Merchants Federation – to inform businesses of the Kickstart scheme. 

Employers who participate must commit between one and 29 job placements for 16 to 24-year-olds. The scheme is targeted chiefly at this age group who receive universal credit. By getting involved, companies can play a role in helping the country recover. In particular, by providing valuable work experience for young people for at least 25 hours a week. Placements can start on any date until the end of December next year. 

If your business wants to take on between 1 and 29 Kickstart recruits, you must work with a gateway partner such as TRS Training. For one thing, you cannot access the funding directly. We help you with the setting up and support to ensure the young person develops employability skills. 

Kickstart rules

There are, of course, a few guidelines to follow. You cannot use Kickstart recruits to replace existing jobs. Roles must be entirely new and shouldn’t impact the hours or income of existing employees, apprentices or contractors. 

By getting involved in the scheme, employers are undertaking to help the young person or persons become more employable. 

By the time your recruits complete their Kickstart programme, you could also have a pool of skilled junior staff to progress onto apprenticeships. TRS Training offer apprenticeship routes to careers in everything from customer service and business improvement techniques, to portering and LGV driving. Young talent, with new ideas, will play a starring role in re-booting the economy. 

Getting Started

As recruitment experts, TRS will help you source suitable candidates to interview. Furthermore, we offer a range of training options from which employers can pick and choose, including employability support for the recruits. You can find out more about working with TRS Training on Kickstart. To get involved, please contact Kevin Birch at TRS Training on 01744 809 010 or fill in the enquiry form on this webpage.

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