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Five reasons to choose TRS Training as your Kickstart Gateway partner

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Everyone is talking about the Government’s new Kickstart scheme and how businesses can benefit. Kickstart Gateway organisations are principle spokespeople for the programme, raising awareness of what’s on offer. Indeed, funding for six months’ wages and training for new recruits is a great opportunity. But getting involved with Government programmes can be daunting at first. Especially as with Government funding, there are always conditions and rules to follow. For starters, there is usually lots of small print to read before signing on the dotted line. 

The team at TRS Training understand how stretched employers are currently. So we have made it our priority to simplify things for any business wanting to get involved with Kickstart. We will guide and support you throughout the scheme, saving you time by taking away much of the legwork, ticking the right boxes, and ensuring things run smoothly.

We’re proud that TRS Training is one of the UK’s most respected training partners in the logistics and manufacturing sectors. Years of experience in delivering Government-funded and commercial training to industry underpins our expertise.

Kickstart is an excellent opportunity for employers to recruit new staff. For those recruits who are not kept on beyond six months, they will still have had the benefit of invaluable industry experience. It’s a win-win situation, and we encourage all employers to consider getting involved. If you do, here are six reasons to choose TRS Training as your Kickstart Gateway partner:

1. We are an approved Kickstart Gateway provider

We have successfully applied and been approved as an official Kickstart Gateway partner. This means we have all the systems in place to help employers access funding for wages and training of recruits. Not only that, we already working with businesses on Kickstart, so we know how things work.

2. Experts in recruitment

We have decades of experience in recruitment across the public and private sectors. When you commit a new vacancy for a Kickstart recruit, our recruitment team will screen candidates put forward by the Job Centres, saving you precious time. In other words, you won’t need to spend hours sifting through unsuitable applications. Instead, we will do the sifting for you, pre-matching interview candidates to your specified requirements.  

3. Experts in providing funding advice

Working with TRS Training means you’ll have access to the latest information about government funding and how it works. Our team are experts in this field. Not only will we help you make the most of Kickstart funding, but we’ll make sure you’re aware of other available support for staff development. For example, any Kickstart recruits you keep on after six months are likely to be eligible for Apprenticeship funding. We can help you access this.

4. Experts in compliance

By helping you stick to the Kickstart rules, we will ensure the programme runs smoothly for your business. So we will guide you through the dos and don’ts. For example, businesses must prove that their Kickstart vacancies are new roles. Furthermore, recruiting new staff through Kickstart must not impact the quantity of work you usually give to your contractors. The TRS team will advise you and help you shape your involvement with Kickstart in a way that ensures compliance with the rules. So you won’t have to spend time poring over the Government guidance. We have done this for you!

5. Experts in the logistics and manufacturing industries

We have been specialising in supporting the road haulage, logistics, warehousing or manufacturing industries for many years. Consequently, we know how businesses in these sectors operate. So all our services are tailored with these employers in mind, from fitting training around shift patterns to offering industry-specific training courses. This level of in-depth knowledge and industry-specific support is one of the things that our employer clients value.

And besides our sector expertise, TRS Training has well-established links with relevant industry bodies including the Road Haulage Association, the British Association of Removers, and the Builder Merchants Federation. Our reach across the sector is substantial; we are experienced and reliable, and working with these partners, we proudly set the benchmark within the industry.

If you would like to find out more about how TRS can help you make the most of Kickstart, please get in touch. Our director, Kevin Birch, is here to answer your questions.

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