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Derek Rutter

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A notice from Managing Director, Kevin Birch

It is with great sadness that TRS Training informs learners and clients, past and present, that our esteemed colleague Derek Rutter has passed away after a short illness.

Derek was our longest serving trainer. He started working for us in September 2013, and did an outstanding job delivering training to hundreds of learners throughout the country. 

When TRS first started delivering apprenticeships, I regularly asked Derek to join me in sales meetings to help me win new business due to his knowledge and experience in the training sector. 

Derek was also the first trainer to go onto an employer’s site whenever we won a new contract. He always did a fantastic job and made a good impression with the customers. 

He also supported lots of new trainers joining our business and provided mentoring support to help them succeed in their role.  

Everywhere Derek went I received complimentary feedback about his commitment, enthusiasm and quality of teaching from both employers and learners alike.

Derek will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him and our thoughts are with his family. 


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