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Full Training Services During Lockdown

We want to reassure both employers and staff on TRS apprenticeship programmes that our training delivery is fully Covid-proof! This includes training for apprentices who are furloughed or working from home.

We have produced a new policy that outlines the full details of our remote learning offer. In other words, information about how we operate during the national lockdown. For many of you, this will not change significantly from regular times, as we have been providing remote services for some time.

All theory training will be delivered to apprentices remotely, via live or pre-recorded sessions. Besides training services, we are also facilitating virtual application, enrolment and induction processes for our apprenticeship programmes during lockdown.

During lockdown, apprentices will be able to undergo virtual endpoint assessments. Full details of our Covid-proof delivery are in the TRS Remote Teaching, Learning & Assessment policy. You can also read about wellbeing support for apprentices, and assistance for those experiencing technical issues accessing remote training.