You are currently viewing TRS Team Leader Apprenticeship results in genuine, organic business growth

TRS Team Leader Apprenticeship results in genuine, organic business growth

For the past decade, TRS Training Ltd has been helping businesses nationwide to utilise the full potential of their workforce. Following the unexpected trials of the past year, it has never been more important for businesses to work smarter; and the Team Leader Apprenticeship delivered by TRS is a great place to start.

Maximise your assets

Your staff are your most valuable asset, so it makes sense to implement measures designed to keep them. High staff turnover can be an expensive and time-consuming problem. When you increase an employee’s skill-set, you will also increase their confidence, moral, motivation and opportunities for promotion and salary improvement. In short, you increase the likelihood that they will stay.

What does the course involve?

The Team Leader Apprenticeship is suitable for any business whose team leaders look after teams of two or more people. It is expected to take around twelve-fifteen months to complete. The learning schedule will be formulated up to twelve months in advance, enabling all parties to plan sufficiently in readiness.

The course comprises a programme of modules relevant to the foundations of every industry. The work undertaken to complete these modules however, will be bespoke to the learner’s and employer’s requirements. So, for example, whilst ‘Time Management’ is generic, the individual learner may apply the principles of the module to their existing Outlook calendar or planning board, and so on. The programme of modules is as follows:

  • Leading People
  • Managing People
  • Building Relationships
  • Communications
  • Operations Management
  • Planning Management
  • Finance
  • Awareness of Self (how the learner interacts with, and is perceived by, their colleagues)
  • Management of Self (time management, admin tools, etc.)
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Behaviours

Each module contains a number of lessons; the learner must complete at least one lesson per module. Importantly, this learning will be supplemented with support from the employer, by way of on-the-job development and access to the job role usually in form of shadowing. Assignments are also allocated, some of which can be accessed online and incorporated into the learner’s normal working day, meaning employers are not left short-staffed.

TRS then provide additional one-to-one support. The trainer/assessor will work with the learner and the employer on-site at regular intervals, or full-time if required, to ensure that all learning needs are being met for both parties. This will be further supported by off-site learning in the form of advice, guidance and academic progress.

Finally, TRS will incorporate any mandatory employer-related training requirements into the schedule. This inclusive approach ensures that no elements are repeated, thus ensuring maximum time-efficiency.

Funding and Incentives

If you are one of many companies who pay the apprenticeship levy, this pot of funds will cover 100% of the course costs. For companies that aren’t required to pay the levy, the government will cover 95% of the course costs. NOTE: The Team Leader Apprenticeship is often used as a way of developing existing staff. However, it is also a way of recruiting new team leaders into a company. TRS Training can help with recruitment at no extra cost. In addition, there is currently up to £4000 in incentives for employing new staff through apprenticeships.

What’s in it for everyone?

Successful completion of the course results in the learner achieving the Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard. They are also encouraged to complete the option of a relevant Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualification as part of the apprenticeship programme. Each learner has an individual learning plan to meet their own needs and those of the employer. The ILM element of the course will be decided depending on the learner’s current skills, knowledge and career aspirations.

As the employer, you will benefit from improved staff retention and a happier, more motivated workforce with a higher skill-set and the renewed ability to take on delegated tasks from higher management. The Team Leader Apprenticeship will ultimately unlock the potential for your business to run smoother and smarter.

As an added advantage for employers in the Transport sector, TRS have modified the Team Leader Apprenticeship to create the Transport Manager Apprenticeship. This bespoke course offers all the benefits of the original Team Leader course, with the addition of a Certificate of Professional Competance (CPC): a qualification specifically relevant to, and highly coveted by, the logistics sector.

Quantifiable success

Supermarket giant, Asda, is just one of the leading brands to benefit from the TRS Team Leader Apprenticeship. Twenty-five members of their staff recently completed the programme. One of these apprentices worked his way through the course over fifteen months; as part of his learning, he was responsible for his own project, in which he recommended a number of new processes. These recommendations were eventually rolled out across the company’s nationwide network of stores; testament to the far-reaching effects of improved employee development.

Online clothing retailer,, is another familiar brand to join forces with TRS. Their learning and development manager Tania Morgan comments:

“Having a TRS trainer onsite full time really helped everything run smoothly. He quickly picked up on our working practices and shift patterns and shaped a programme of training and support to fit in with that – this took the stress off of our shoulders. The apprentices moved round departments, training across different functions – picking, stock, returns and quality control. This meant that at our busiest times, they had the experience and skills required to step up as team leaders.”

Why choose TRS?  

TRS Training Ltd are celebrated across the training sector, for their flexibility and knowledge of business methodology. They understand that time is money, and to this end endeavour to create learning environments suited to your individual business; their ultimate goal being delivery of the course with minimum or no impact to your every-day processes.

TRS fully understands that introducing Apprenticeships into an organisation is often perceived as a daunting and demanding task by employers. With their thorough understanding of the funding, operational and reporting responsibilities that the Government expects employers to meet, TRS supports employers every step of the way with advice and support on best practice and how to avoid pitfalls.

Final word

TRS Trainer, Rachel Hulse, explains:

“At TRS, our ultimate aim is to ensure that the long-term benefits brought about by our courses, fully offset the initial commitment. In many cases, the results are almost immediate, with many employers left wondering why they didn’t take the leap sooner.

“With TRS, the experience is often seamless, with the learning elements weaving painlessly into the every-day running of the business. Feedback from employers is often that of ‘pleasant surprise’ at how effectively our courses are executed, and how they make such a difference to multiple facets of their company.”

You can find more information on the TRS Team Leader Apprenticeship here. Alternatively, please contact Kevin Birch on 07788 120 608 or Rachel Hulse on 07841 444 537.