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Join the TRS Christmas Shoebox Appeal

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TRS Training staff are participating in shoebox appeals on behalf of various charities in the run-up to Christmas, including charities to support refugees from Afghanistan. After ordering a stack of shoeboxes, which have now arrived in the TRS offices, we are happy to send an empty shoebox to any TRS apprentice/learner who wants to get involved. Send your request via our website form, providing us with your postal address. When you complete the form, please make sure you state that you are requesting a shoebox and give us your full name.

Once you receive the box, simply Google “Shoebox appeal”, and a variety of charities will come up. Each charity will specify which community sectors they are supporting and what to put in your shoebox. Most of them will have local drop-off points for you to take your filled shoebox to.

If you have children, this is a fun, hands-on way of getting them involved in charitable activities to support local or global communities.

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