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Apprentice Feedback: Mike Wilde

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LGV Driver apprentice; Selco Builders Warehouse

Mike Wilde, employed at Selco Builders Warehouse and currently doing his LGV apprenticeship with TRS Training, has just passed his Maths and English level 2 qualifications. Achieving level 2 standards in Maths and English is usually part of the LGV Driving Apprenticeship training programme unless an apprentice has already completed them previously. However, it’s nothing like doing Maths and English at school! TRS tutors teach both subjects in such a way that they relate to the actual industry an apprentice is working in. We call Maths and English “functional skills” on an apprenticeship because they generally relate to doing functional tasks at work or in life, rather than being about abstract concepts.

Apprentices can complete their Maths and English training in week-long intensive courses, as Mike from Selco has done, or over a longer time, if that suits their working pattern better.

We’re so pleased with Mike’s achievement and positive feedback about our intensive maths course and the support he received from our functional skills tutor, Victoria Sawicka:

“The TRS intensive maths course was a winning factor in passing my exam on my LGV Apprenticeship. Well done to my TRS tutor, Victoria”.

Sometimes individuals who start an apprentice such as TRS’s LGV apprenticeship are worried about tackling the Maths and English parts of the programme. But once they start, they realise it’s nothing like they imagined. The skills they learn give them practical competence in their jobs, boosting their confidence. Not only that, many of the skills are helpful to them in their personal lives – such as helping children with their homework or making a household budget. Look out for our forthcoming Maths and English Mythbuster blog and accompanying video!

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