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Boost Your Logistics Career with ADR Driver Training

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ADR driver training can be a great way to boost your logistics career prospects. As the demand for goods and materials increases, so does the need for trained personnel to handle these items safely and accurately. ADR driver training gives drivers an in-depth understanding of how to transport dangerous goods and to do so in a way that adheres to all applicable laws and regulations.

The importance of such specialised knowledge is paramount; an ADR licence is essential for any driver who transports hazardous goods professionally. Furthermore, companies that employ ADR-certified drivers can offer a broader range of transportation services: not just transportation of goods but also additional specialisms in moving hazardous materials.  

Putting you ahead for jobs and promotions

In addition to giving drivers expertise in handling and transporting dangerous materials, ADR driver training provides invaluable knowledge about basic safety procedures. Drivers learn how best to protect themselves and others while on the job and how best to handle emergency situations should they arise.

The benefits of ADR driver training extend beyond safety, though; this certification demonstrates dedication and competence. Companies want employees with specialist driving qualifications – and completing an ADR course shows potential employers that you’re up-to-date with relevant legislation in your field. ADR certification will put you ahead of other applicants when it comes time for promotion or wage negotiation down the line.

ADR Driver training with TRS

So if you’re looking for ways to increase your chances of career success, why not take an ADR driving course with TRS Training? You can gain this certification with comprehensive instruction from our experienced professional trainers in just five days. We have had many satisfied customers who have already completed the training with us.

Our standard ADR driver training course includes the core module, a module on packages or tankers (or both), and modules for the following classes of dangerous goods: gases (class2), flammable liquids (class 3), flammable solids (class 4), oxidising substances (class 5), toxic substances (class 6), corrosive substances (class 8), and miscellaneous substances (class 9). To get your certification, you need to take the core module, the packages or tankers module, and the modules for the classes of goods you want to be certified to carry. We can tailor the course to suit your requirements; however, we recommend doing all modules. In this way, you get the best value for money.

Our ADR Driver training courses run throughout the year. You can book directly on our calendar page or send an enquiry through the online form on this page.

Our ADR Driver training course is official and accredited by SQA.

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