Key Policies

1. Equality & Diversity

  • We are committed to achieving a working environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, pregnancy and maternity, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment, disability, religion or beliefs, age or sexual orientation.
  • Our Policy aims to oppose unfair and discriminatory practices and to encourage full contribution from its diverse community.

2. Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

  • We are committed to the provision of high quality and appropriate IAG services o all the learners and to ensuring arrangements are in place to support staff inductions, appraisal and continuing professional development.
  • Our policy defines the service to staff and learners and ensures that information about the service is accessible and provides impartial and objective information, advice and guidance.

3. Quality Assurance

  • Our Policy outlines the processes by which we quality assure our business operations.
  • To ensure that we measure actual performance against agreed standards and planned activities leading to continuous quality improvement across our business.
  • To provide learners, staff and customers with opportunities to provide feedback to senior leaders on the services offered by TRS Training.

4. Safeguarding and Prevent Duty

  • We are committed to the well-being and development of all our learners and recognise our duties towards safeguarding all learners, especially those who are vulnerable.
  • We comply with the government’s Prevent Duty Guidance to promote British Values and safeguard learners, staff and customers from the risk of being radicalised or being drawn into terrorism.
  • We welcome referrals about informal concerns that you may have about an individual as well as those of a more formal nature.  Please use the Concerns Form in the first instance.

Immediate support can be provided by calling 01744 809010 during office hours or 07749 27840 out of office hours.

Concerns Report Form

Safeguarding Procedure 19-1

Safeguarding Policy 19-1


5. Confidentiality

Confidentiality Policy

6. Subcontracting Policy

Subcontracting Policy

7. Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy

Training Limited aims to listen to the views of all who use our services, learn from our mistakes and continually try to improve. We wish to encourage suggestions, comments, compliments and complaints about our services. Often when we are aware of a problem we can remedy it quickly.

TRS Training Limited is committed to taking all complaints seriously by:

Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy

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