TRS Apprenticeships improve workforce morale and motivation – Our employer survey results are in!

Here at TRS Training, we are always striving to shape and continually improve our services to meet employer needs. To this end, we regularly gather feedback from the employers we work with on apprenticeships.

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Woman at the Wheel Kerlina Wright, Transport Planner, W’s Transport

The RHA, Close Brothers Asset Finance and TRS Training Ltd have joined forces to launch a pioneering programme to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) secure the skills they need for future growth by recruiting young drivers into the transport sector.

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Retail giant partners with TRS Training to address delivery driver shortage through Apprenticeships

The new initiative is seen as a key solution to the growing shortage of large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers in the UK. Like many logistics companies the retailer, that has 95 stores across the country, faces a reducing driver population. This is due to the impact of Brexit and a lack of young people entering the industry. By joining wit... read more

LCR provider proposes Apprenticeships as solution to UK LGV driver shortage

LCR provider proposes Apprenticeships as solution to UK LGV driver shortage
Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship provider TRS Training have launched an awareness raising campaign in association with the Road Haulage Association (RHA), aiming to help logistics and distribution companies address the UK LGV driver shortage.

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You Don’t Have to Be Male to Drive a Lorry: 5 Reasons Anyone Can Start A Career Driving an LGV

We’ve all seen a lady lorry driver and thought: “That’s unusual”.

And let’s be honest, driving a large goods vehicle isn’t usually top of the list of career choices for most girls. We want to change all that, and are actively inviting females to take a look at our LGV apprenticeship.

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