LCR provider proposes Apprenticeships as solution to UK LGV driver shortage

LCR provider proposes Apprenticeships as solution to UK LGV driver shortage
Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship provider TRS Training have launched an awareness raising campaign in association with the Road Haulage Association (RHA), aiming to help logistics and distribution companies address the UK LGV driver shortage.

Over the next few weeks, TRS Training will be delivering a series of presentations to members of the RHA, explaining to numerous employers in the industry how Apprenticeships are the ideal long term solution to tackling the driver shortage crisis.

Industry crisis
There is currently a shortage of approximately 60,000 large good vehicle drivers in the UK, with potential for this to rise to 150,000. The crisis is worsening due to an aging workforce - the average age of drivers is 53, and 13% are over 60. In addition, many foreign drivers who worked in the UK have returned home fuelled by Brexit fears. Another contributing factor is the lack of promotion of the sector to school leavers and other young people as a career option.

Apprenticeships solution
TRS, who are based in St Helens but deliver training across the country, are proposing the Apprenticeship model as a method for addressing this shortfall in driver numbers. The LGV Apprenticeship is a 12 month programme that includes LGV theory, driving practice, licence acquisition training, maths and English, and professional skills, knowledge and behaviour.   

Time to take action
Director of TRS Training, Kevin Birch, explains the key role Apprenticeships have to play:

“The lack of drivers is having a significant negative impact on the UK road haulage sector and it’s time to take action. But there is no quick fix – this is an issue that requires a strategy and investment if we are to start reversing trends. The Apprenticeship model provides the ideal long term solution because it fosters staff loyalty and commitment as well as providing the necessary skills the industry needs. Employers favour Apprenticeships because training schedules are flexible to meet shift patterns, and drivers are developed in line with organisational culture and practices.”

Investment for future success
Richard Burnett, chief executive of the RHA, underlines the importance of raising awareness of Apprenticeships in the road haulage sector:

“Many of our members are still not fully aware of the benefits of Apprenticeships can offer. Recent government reforms have developed the programme to be more in line with employer needs and with the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, the time is right for employers in the industry to start considering Apprenticeships as investment for future success. This is why we have chosen to launch this information campaign and put the spotlight on Apprenticeships as a fundamental feature on the road to productivity and growth in the UK’s road haulage sector.”

Melanie Dodd, Strategy Manager at LCR Apprenticeship Hub praises the work of TRS Training:

“The application of Apprenticeships as a solution to the UK’s driving shortage is an exciting and pioneering project that I look forward to seeing succeed in the coming months. As a region, we’re very proud to be home to Apprenticeship providers such as TRS who not only deliver top quality training, but have the vision to recognise how strategic qualities inherent in the Apprenticeship model can be used to propel business and industry forward.”

Businesses in the haulage and logistics sectors in Liverpool City Region who want to find out more about how Apprenticeships can help tackle driver shortages are invited to contact TRS Training