Skills Bootcamps in HGV Driving: Employer Queries

We have Skills Bootcamps to train

  • Novice drivers to get their Cat C licence
  • Novice drivers to get their Cat C+E licence
  • Cat C licence holders to get their Cat C+E licence

Our Skills Bootcamps are free if you recruit and train NEW staff members. Otherwise, there is a small fee if you upskill your EXISTING staff to become qualified LGV drivers. Please get in touch with us for further information about this fee if you are considering upskilling existing team members.

Either. For example, you can employ recruits from day one of the Skills Bootcamp training course, perhaps employing them as drivers’ mates and then promote them to HGV drivers once they have completed the Skills Bootcamp and gained their licences.

Or you could interview candidates before they start the Skills Bootcamp and employ them once they have qualified.

Or you could both interview and employ individuals once they have completed the Skills Bootcamp.

The HGV bootcamp courses aim to get individuals jobs in the logistics industry working as HGV drivers.

Any staff who are over 19 and who you want to develop into driving roles where they need an HGV licence but haven’t already got one. So, for example, this could be van drivers, drivers’ mates, warehouse staff, porters or any staff member interested in driving an HGV. Candidates must possess a car driving licence.

Cat C licence
A Cat C licence will let you drive a Cat C vehicle, the most common HGV vehicle.  These vehicles are often used to do local deliveries rather than larger vehicles.  A category C licence means you can drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes but not over 32 tonnes. Category C (Class 2) licences typically cover a vehicle with a cab and trailer fixed permanently together. In other words, what we would consider a ‘standard lorry’ or a rigid vehicle.

Cat C+E licence

A category C + E license is the most comprehensive HGV licence. With this, you can drive a drawbar or articulated vehicle (artic). The E part of the category C+E licence stands for entitlement and means you can go up to or over 750kg in weight. This licence, also known as Class 1, allows you to drive any large goods-style vehicle, including a double trailer.

Your recruits or existing staff members must be 19 or over, live and have the right to live and work in England, and have a full car driving licence.

This can depend on the nature of the driving offence. Usually, if they have more than six points, we won’t be able to take them on. Please get in touch for further details.

Candidates must complete eight online training modules with a tutor and eight employability sessions independently. Our tutors teach each online session on multiple occasions so your staff members can choose which sessions suit them best. We will also support your staff in revising for and sitting their theory test.

Once your staff have completed all training and employability modules and passed their theory test, they will go onto 5 or 10 days of practical driving skills training, depending on which licence they want to get. Then we book their test.

  • Our Skills Bootcamp training sessions are online. However, we have a team of trained mentors who are used to helping students use online technology for the first time. Many people are anxious about technology, so don’t let this put your staff member off. Also, if you have staff members worried about returning to training generally, we have trained people to help them overcome this quickly.

Week 1 – Induction and Medical

Week 2 – Session 1 MOD1a, 1b and MOD 2 Theory Test Preparation

Week 3 – Session 2 Driver’s Hours and Digital Tachograph

Week 4 – Session 3 Health and Safety

Week 5 – Session 4 Vulnerable Road Users

Week 6 – Session 5 Carbon Emissions and Sustainability

Week 7  – Session 6 Vehicle Loading and Security

Week 8 – Session 7 Driver Health & Well-Being; Sit theory tests

Week 9 – Session 8 Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving

Weeks 10 – 16 Employability Sessions
C+E Driver Training
Module 4

Download week-by-week overview

Employability 1 – Workplace Ethics & Values

Employability 2 – Resilience & Self Awareness

Employability 3 – CV Writing & Job application skills

Employability 4 – Healthy Lifestyle & Mental Wellbeing

Employability 5 – Interview techniques

Employability 6 – Digital Skills & Emails

Employability 7 – Staying Safe Online

Employability 8 – MS Office

Please contact Andy Tolley on 07719 031 203 or complete our online enquiry form, making it clear you are an employer interested in Skills Bootcamps.


Please contact Andy Tolley on 07719 031 203 or complete our online enquiry form, making it clear you are an employer interested in Skills Bootcamps.

If there are any questions you still need answering, please let us know.