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Wren Kitchens Equip Transport Managers with CPC through TRS Apprenticeships

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Nationwide company Wren Kitchens has partnered with TRS Training to equip transport managers at Hull, Bristol and Stanstead distribution centres with their CPC via an apprenticeship. They have also launched a Warehouse to Wheels apprenticeship programme with TRS to train LGV drivers.

The kitchen manufacturer and retailer is backing sixteen employees to undertake their apprenticeships, including four who are doing a Team Leading Apprenticeship modified for the transport industry. The staff will gain their Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence alongside other qualifications as part of their apprenticeship.  They are among the first to study for TRS’s newly launched transport sector apprenticeship which incorporates the coveted CPC.

Transport Supervisor / Manager Level 3 Apprenticeship

It is a legal requirement for holders of a transport operator license to employ a ‘professionally competent’ transport operations manager. TRS has developed the course in association with the Road Haulage Association to meet this requirement. Tim Pearson, National Transport & Training Manager at Wren told us:

“The CPC is a highly valued qualification, and TRS’s programme is a great way for our employees to achieve this important certification alongside the managerial skills provided by the Team Leading Apprenticeship. We are boosting succession planning and setting out career paths. We partnered with TRS because training is delivered virtually and each student has a workplace mentor so time away from the business is minimised. The haulage and logistics side of the business is fast-paced so the set up works well.”

Supply Chain Operator (Traffic Office) Level 2 Apprenticeship

A number of Wren employees have also signed up for the Supply Chain Operator (traffic office) Apprenticeship.

The Level 2 Supply Chain Operator Apprenticeship develops employees into highly competent traffic office clerks. Apprentices get lots of hands-on practice in day-to-day operations to build expertise and a portfolio of evidence for their award. The net result is a boost in customer service, problem solving and proficiency in industry-recognised systems.

LGV Driving Level 2 Apprenticeship (Warehouse to Wheels)

The enrolees studying for their LGV licence as part of a level 2 LGV Driver Apprenticeship will help meet the challenge of recruiting more drivers.  Because Wren’s wage bill is more than £3m the company is in the category of employers required to pay the Apprenticeship Levy. An amount equivalent to 0.5% of salaries is credited to an account. The money is then channelled solely for Apprenticeship training.  

Training Boosts Profitability

Kevin Birch, a director with TRS says:

“Many employers saw the Apprenticeship Levy as a tax, but we’re working with some really significant employers to demonstrate how it can be an investment. Staff retention increases when a company develops employees’ careers. Training boosts competence and this has a positive impact on the bottom line. Working with Wren Kitchens puts all this into practice.”

TRS Training is a specialist training and recruitment firm focusing solely on road haulage, logistics and warehousing sectors. They also deliver apprenticeships for leading retailers Boohoo, Oak Furniture Land and Warburtons. Kevin adds:

“Because we focus all our attention and resources into a distinct sector, we have developed expertise and so seen significant growth in our business. The TRS team recognised early on that the Apprenticeship Levy is an opportunity and got the frameworks in place to deliver training, often with a unique approach. We work closely with the Road Haulage Association to meet the needs of the industry. Our success in delivering the LGV Driving Apprenticeship and the incorporation of the CPC into our Team Leading Apprenticeship are examples of our sectorised expertise is bringing results.”


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