Support Services

TRS Training provides support services designed to underpin the delivery of our Apprenticeships and other courses. The services are free and are available to all TRS employers and learners. Specifically, they provide the type of support students might need access to in order to achieve their full potential.  And they offer extra support alongside training to help employers successfully develop staff for business benefits.

Support for students

We offer our students support in areas including:


We ensure our apprentices are safe in the workplace and know how to keep safe online. Safeguarding support is available at any time from TRS’s safeguarding officers, Beverley Ellis 07749 270840 and Sue Lloyd 07841 444537

See TRS’s Safeguarding Statement

Equality and diversity

Apprentices who need additional support to achieve their qualifications due to personal limitations can access help from TRS.

Health and wellbeing

TRS supports the wellbeing of its students. For example, our trainers can signpost any students facing mental health challenges to external support agencies.


In line with the Government’s Prevent strategy, TRS is committed to identifying any apprentices at risk of extremism or radicalisation.

Training support

TRS trainers are always on hand to discuss any issues students have with their training course.


TRS provides a high quality information, advice and guidance service to its students, enabling them to choose courses that will help them progress, and helping them plan their long term career. We were recently awarded the matrix Standard.


Support for employers

TRS trainers and staff provide employers with support for the successful implementation of apprenticeships in their organisations. In addition, we can provide information and advice on a range of services related to human resource management and development, as well as offer assistance in the areas of safeguarding, equality and diversity, and employee health and wellbeing. We also offer a free recruitment service for employers wanting to take on new staff through apprenticeships.

Please contact your TRS trainer if you need to access any of these support services.