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TRS Partners with Green Employers to Drive Down Environmental Impact

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As a provider of logistics training solutions, the team at TRS is very aware of the sector’s historically negative environmental reputation. One of our strategic objectives is a commitment to improving the industry’s green profile. In line with this, we prioritise working with employers who share our vision of a greener logistics sector. Partnering with firms like Arla, Selco and Riverford, who are leading the way with green operational practices, we aim to instil environmental awareness and values alongside green skills and working practices in the typical logistics apprentice.

Boosting Green Credentials

Last year TRS established a driver academy with Arla Foods to help train the firm’s next generation of LGV drivers. Arla is the world’s largest producer of organic dairy products and is majority-owned by the farmers who produce the milk it sells. 

Arla is a leading example of a firm that considers the green impact of every aspect of its operations. They take every opportunity to boost their green credentials, in particular exploring ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their deliveries. We are currently training 14 LGV apprentices to become drivers on the road with Arla. Their driver academy will no doubt go from strength to strength in the coming months and years. 

People and Planet

Arla is just one of the firms we are working with that prioritises the planet. Another is Riverford Organic Farmers, where TRS have been helping progress employees’ careers through apprenticeship training programmes.

At an RHA summit over a year ago, leading industry figures cited enhancing the industry’s green profile as a critical area of focus. In a market experiencing labour shortages, with job seekers who are more environmentally aware, greener job opportunities are likely to attract more and higher-quality candidates.

Riverford is a B-Corp, meaning they work to benefit people and the planet in addition to aiming for profit. One of their priorities is to reduce the carbon emissions per delivery. TRS apprentices Tom Waugh and James Welton are doing just this at the organic vegetable delivery firm.   

Selco Builders Warehouse is another TRS client making great strides in addressing its environmental impact. It has recently installed LED lighting across all branches and created the “Selco Forest”. The company has planted more than 100,000 trees to offset carbon footprints.

Apprentices Making an Impact

James has recently been promoted to a fleet manager at Riverford’s Cambridge depot whilst studying for his Transport Manager Apprenticeship with TRS. He previously worked as a transport planner for the firm and has acquired his CPC as part of the apprenticeship he is on the cusp of completing. 

Meanwhile, Tom has been working towards achieving his Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship with TRS Training. He is a transport planner based at a Riverford depot in Devon. In particular, the 33-year-old focuses on logistics planning. So his job involves planning and costing in the context of reducing the environmental impact.

Greening The Industry

Kevin Birch, Director at TRS Training, says:

“Employers are concerned with attracting the best talent, and green credentials play a significant role. Many of the most promising job seekers actively seek opportunities with ethical companies. Arla, Selco and Riverford are great examples of companies implementing practical measures to help the planet and, along the way, influence the image of the logistics sector. TRS is launching a campaign later this year featuring apprenticeship employers in the logistics sector who have embraced the green agenda. We plan to showcase how apprentices contribute to reducing their employers’ carbon footprint, just like Tom and James.’

Logistics UK has launched The Route to Net Zero campaign. It aims to help the logistics industry come together to achieve Net Zero as quickly as possible and to identify what logistics needs to succeed in this ambition. As part of our environmental strategy, TRS Training has committed to achieving Net Zero as the first step towards carbon neutrality.

Meanwhile, the Road Haulage Association is driving forward an environment campaign. It sets out three aims:

  1. Champion the move towards net zero vehicles and technology
  2. Help its members make the journey towards net-zero
  3. For the RHA to reduce its own carbon footprint

Employers, we’d love to know what your organisations are doing to reduce environmental impact. Similarly, if you are an employee on a TRS apprenticeship programme and are involved in green initiatives for your firm, please share your news on social media using #TRSNetZero, #NetZero and #RHAenvironment.

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