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TRS apprenticeship training awarded top marks by employers

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Online reviews are an increasingly important function in the running of many modern businesses. As customers, many of us rely on the likes of Google and Trustpilot to ensure we’re making the right decisions about our most important purchases.

For employers, decisions don’t get much more important than which provider should deliver the training for their apprenticeship programmes. That’s why TRS Training Ltd is especially proud of its flawless four-star record on the government’s apprenticeships website.

TRS Training is a government-approved provider of recruitment and training solutions for businesses in road haulage, logistics and warehousing, and manufacturing. Their focus on these sectors has resulted in an accumulated mass of industry knowledge, enabling the delivery of specialist services designed to ‘demystify’ apprenticeships for many employers who might initially find the prospect daunting.

Unique recruitment services and extra support

Working closely with employers, TRS has gained a reputation for its fully-rounded apprenticeship offer. In addition to high-quality training and support, they also advise employers on how to access funding and use apprenticeships effectively as part of an HR strategy and succession plan. For some employers, TRS also place a dedicated trainer onsite. This extra level of support helps shape and coordinate the training, offering immediate support to managers and other personnel involved in the apprenticeship programme.

TRS are also experts in recruitment, having supplied workers to the public and private sectors since 2005. Employers nationwide have benefited from their skill in pre-matching interview candidates to specified requirements and identifying those with the right potential for development.

This unique approach is clearly popular with the huge network of employers who have felt compelled to leave their four-star reviews on the website, as an aide to other companies about to start their apprenticeship journey.

Thank you!

TRS director, Kevin Birch, sends a massive thank you to all the employers we work with who have taken the time to leave a review. If you are currently working with TRS and have not yet left a review, Kevin and the team would urge you to keep an eye on your Apprenticeship Service account. You will receive feedback emails every three months, inviting you to provide relevant information for a review. By sharing your thoughts, you’ll help to ease other employers through the initial decision-making process, and encourage them to grow their businesses through apprenticeships.

For further information about TRS apprenticeships, please contact Kevin Birch on 07788 120 608.

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