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Jordan credits senior role at GXO to TRS and employer support

Senior Operations Manager at GXO, Jordan Pullin, has raised the bar for speed of progress through an apprenticeship. He started on a Team Leader Supervisor Level 3 apprenticeship with TRS mid-February. Seven months later, he’s already covered 75% of his course curriculum, way ahead of schedule. This is down to his outstanding motivation and single-minded focus. And thanks to the flexibility of TRS apprenticeships, TRS tutor Chris Budge can, as he describes it, “steward Jordan’s enthusiasm for maximum results.”

Artisan training plan

For self-motivated individuals like Jordan, TRS has the ed-tech and facilities to deliver an Apprenticeship which is almost on-demand, allowing the apprentice to set their own pace with ongoing guidance from tutors. Chris explains:

“Apprenticeships deliver a truly personalised learning experience built around an artisan individually-tailored learning plan. They promise life-changing prospects for those who make the most of the opportunity. This has certainly been the case with Jordan.”

Jordan’s feedback

Here is what Jordan has to say about his personal career development and his apprenticeship experience with TRS:

“I came into GXO two years ago as an external candidate, applying for the Operations Manager vacancy at one of our sites in Doncaster. It was a relatively new site at the time, with high potential, allowing me to make my mark and meet the company and client expectations. During these two years, I learnt from working with clients that every day is a school day, and expectations can switch from one day to the next. Despite the challenges this brought, I was keen to adapt and overcome them to meet our site objectives. As my tutor Chris at TRS has probably realised, I love a challenge.

Managerial skills

I welcomed the opportunity to develop my managerial skills by stepping up during our site manager’s absence from time to time, and visiting our other business sites. As a consequence, I was encouraged to revisit my qualifications and skillset. GXO has excellent training, talent and development programmes, underpinned by their company values and people strategy, which aims to create connections through the element of ‘possibility’: being committed to unlocking potential.

I expressed interest in developing my knowledge of the transport sector and warehousing, with a view to one day becoming a site manager. GXO connected me with TRS Training and Chris Budge, the supply chain management trainer.

Skills and confidence for senior role

Chris and I mapped out our expectations regarding communications, support and the context of the course. The programme has been positive and proactive. Chris has supported me through each module, whether it be finance, projects or self-awareness. He has always been available to guide me and give me feedback on my tasks and modules and has been understanding if there was any delay on my part. Although I have not yet finished the apprenticeship, this course has developed my confidence and skills for my position today, Senior Operations Manager within GXO Barnsley. It gave me the confidence to apply and sell myself in the interview and improved my knowledge of the industry in which I work.

The course itself is genuinely great, each module a challenge but achievable. With support from TRS, my tutor Chris and GXO, my apprenticeship has guided me into the position I am in today.