You are currently viewing Warburtons train LGV drivers through TRS Training’s LGV apprenticeship programme

Warburtons train LGV drivers through TRS Training’s LGV apprenticeship programme

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TRS’s partnership with bread maker Warburtons is expected to result in the recruitment and training of a significant number of apprentices for the family-owned firm that has 19 sites across the UK.  

Employing 4,500 people, Warburtons has a large haulage and logistics workforce. And TRS is helping them to meet the demand to recruit and train LGV drivers. 

LGV apprenticeship includes license acquisition

Warburtons, with the help of TRS, has introduced the LGV Apprenticeship Standard for driving staff in their distribution sites. Notably, the training programme features the acquisition of the LGV driving license alongside other industry-standard training. it’s worth noting that the company’s Apprenticeship Levy is being used to fund the training.

Kevin Birch, director at TRS, explains:

“Logistics companies across the UK are facing a shortage of LGV drivers. Consequently, TRS has forged a partnership with the Road Haulage Association to address this industry concern. And we’re starting to make good headway. Warburtons chose to work with us specifically because of our work in this area. Also because of our track record in delivering Apprenticeships to complex and large organisations. Ultimately, it makes commercial sense for logistics firms to develop LGV drivers through Apprenticeships. Specifically, because they can use their compulsory Levy payments to pay for the training. This includes the costs of LGV license acquisition.”

Minimum disruption to operations

Following the competitive tender process, TRS are now delivering Level 2 LGV Driver Apprenticeships for Warburtons. TRS delivers the LGV  programme with minimum disruption to business operations. To point out, the majority of training and assessment happens in the workplace. Existing drivers in the company can act as workplace mentors. New drivers can expect to qualify within a year. Indeed, Warburtons’ first LGV apprentices will be completing their training programme before the end of 2019. Furthermore, additional trainee drivers will be recruited next year. 

LGV Apprenticeship helps address shortage of qualified drivers in UK

The average age of an LGV driver in the UK is increasing. Indeed, existing drivers are retiring and leaving the industry at a more rapid rate than new drivers are being recruited and trained. Kevin adds:

“Training as an LGV driver is a positive career choice. In particular, progression opportunities are promising. For example, some drivers go on to head up logistics operations for some of the biggest household names. So TRS is here to help boost awareness and assist manufacturing and logistics operators to fill the gaps in qualified staff using apprenticeships.”

The LGV Driver Apprenticeship costs £5,000, plus £317 in test fees. It’s important to realise there are various funding options to cover the training, namely using the Apprenticeship Levy or accessing Government funding depending on company size.

For further information about the LGV Apprenticeship, or TRS’s partnership with Warburtons, please contact

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