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TRS apprentice exemplifies importance of teamwork in challenging times

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A TRS apprentice who works at manufacturer Linco Care in Manchester has exemplified the best of teamwork and working relationships by going out of this way to help a colleague.

The challenges brought about by the Covid pandemic have been far-ranging. Despite this, here at TRS, we are very proud of our apprentices’ attitude in the workplace.

Confidence boost

McKenzie Hamilton, aged 16 (pictured right), started his Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship with Linco Care in 2020. His job involves producing personal and skincare products at the firm’s Carrington factory. Recently, his fellow apprentice Sammy Kidane, 19 (pictured left), was preparing for an imminent health and safety assessment. In fact, this formed part of his apprenticeship.

David Jones, Sammy’s tutor at TRS, explains:

“Apprentices undergo a practical observation of health and safety as part of their training. In other words, I tour their factory with them, asking them to identify situations relevant to health and safety. Indeed, the assessment is audio-recorded, so whilst it’s nothing to worry about, understandably, it can make new apprentices nervous.”

McKenzie realised that Sammy was apprehensive about the upcoming assessment. So he came up with an idea. He suggested that they tour the factory together on the morning of the evaluation. McKenzie encouraged Sammy to think in advance about the right words to describe the various aspects of on-site health and safety. This preparation gave Sammy’s confidence a boost.

David adds:

“McKenzie did this without being asked; he just decided to help. Wellbeing at work has been an essential focus of our training for apprentices during Covid-19, and it’s great to see this come to life through teamwork and showing a duty of care to peers. Above all, McKenzie’s kindness and his empathy shone through.”

Apprentice teamwork

McKenzie’s apprenticeship course incorporates modules on teamwork and communication. Qualities in the most successful apprentices include respect for others, integrating into a team and supporting others. McKenzie says:

“In and outside of work, the current Covid restrictions are making things more difficult. Regardless, I feel the entire team has come together, along with our TRS tutors, to make sure we all get through this together. I’d help a colleague out at any time, but everything seems to mean more at the moment when we are all concerned about the future.”

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