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Warehousing Apprenticeships: A Solution to the Brexodus Drain

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Employers in the warehousing industry report a ‘Brexodus’ of workers triggered by our exit from the EU. Consequently, there is an urgent need to step up recruitment and training to attract and retain new employees in this vital sector.

Warehousing apprenticeships are well-positioned to solve this pressing issue. Offering a tried and tested mechanism for recruiting new staff and developing employees, apprenticeships can also significantly improve workforce stability. Not only do they reduce staff turnover and increase job satisfaction, but they also ensure staff work to industry standards, guaranteeing quality, efficiency and safety.

TRS Training has been delivering warehouse apprenticeships to businesses for many years. Our success speaks for itself: employers who already use our apprenticeship services rate us as excellent on the Government’s apprenticeship website. Read on for some reasons why now is the time to embrace Warehousing Apprenticeships as part of your staffing strategy.

Financial bonus for Warehousing Apprenticeships

Right now, there is a financial bonus of up to £4000 for every new apprentice a business recruits before the end of September 2021. Don’t forget; apprentices can be any age – from 16 to pre-retirement age. As usual, training and assessment costs are covered by the Apprenticeship Levy or 95% Government funding. And there are NI exemptions too. Furthermore, there isn’t even the cost and effort of recruitment to worry about: TRS Training provides a highly effective recruitment service, free of charge.

TRS Warehousing Apprenticeships offer flexibility and individual support

TRS Training has developed an employer and apprentice-friendly training model for their apprenticeships programmes. Much of the training happens in the workplace, including virtually. We structure our training schedules in ways that avoid disruption to working routines. Our training is fully COVID-proof. In other words, in the unlikely event of a further lockdown (or any disruption), your apprentices can continue to progress through their training, regardless of whether they are working or furloughed. Each apprentice is supported by a TRS personal tutor as well as an apprentice mentor in the workplace.

Boosting skills and productivity

The TRS Warehousing Apprenticeship provides staff with professional skills to carry out their day-to-day duties to the highest standard. Some may consider the warehouse operative to be a role that requires little training. Quite the opposite: standards of safety, quality and productivity in a warehouse are critical factors in the business’s success. Apprenticeships will help your staff meet these standards consistently. Also, investing in staff training and development will boost their motivation, retention and pride in their work. And training can be completed in as little as twelve months.

Fork Lift Truck Licence Acquisition

TRS tailors its Warehousing Apprenticeship to individual staff’s role and setting. In this way, they gain the exact skills set they need to carry out their job effectively. If appropriate, the apprentice can train and acquire their FLT licence as part of their apprenticeship, with no cost to the employer.

Career progression

Staff who complete their Warehousing Apprenticeship can progress to higher-level apprenticeships, giving them the necessary skills to become team leaders and supervisors. Employers can utilise TRS Apprenticeships to support their HR planning, helping with recruitment, training and progression of staff.

For further information about Warehouse Apprenticeships, please contact Kevin Birch at TRS Training on 07788 120 608.

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