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Team leader at TFS overcomes language setbacks to achieve workplace success through apprenticeship

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Artur Stachurski is truly a role model for never giving up. Starting with a lack of English language skills and facing setbacks, he fought hard to complete his team leader apprenticeship.

His self-belief and motivation have helped him secure job security and responsibility from his employer, Trade Fabrication Systems (TFS), which specialises in commercial applications for coatings across many industries.

Following a dream

Artur moved to England from Poland eight years ago. In his home country, it was tough for him economically. The 31-year-old was encouraged to come to England after his friends told him about the opportunities open if he was willing to work hard. 

After arriving in the UK to pursue better prospects, Artur spent several years doing different jobs. He worked as a forklift operator and then began with TFS as a warehouse operative.

He quickly learnt the ropes and moved into a role supervising stock. His most recent promotion is to warehouse supervisor.

With solid career aspirations, Artur went all out to make the job his own and impress his employers. He identified several improvements which could be made to streamline processes and boost performance. Management at the firm backed his ideas, which have saved the firm time, space and expense. 

Striving for self-improvement

Wanting to develop his career further, Artur approached his managers and asked if they would help him gain some qualifications in return for his hard work.

Artur and two colleagues enrolled on the TRS team leader apprenticeship. With the maths skills he already had and applying himself, he has been able to study alongside his job.  

Completing the course was challenging. Artur was struggling with his English studies, and then when his new baby arrived, he couldn’t quite achieve a successful end-point assessment. This impartial final assessment determines if an apprentice has developed the required skills, knowledge and behaviours.

One-to-one support from TRS

Working in a group setting, Artur needed extra help to attain the English skills to complete his course. In his typical self-motivated style, he spoke up and asked for help.

He told us: 

“I had to take a study break after my child arrived. I didn’t pass my course the first time, mainly because of my English. But I was so keen to gain the qualification that I asked for one-to-one support. And TRS Training said yes!”

Rachel Hulse, his tutor here at TRS, stepped in. They focused on vocabulary relevant to the job and constantly monitored his work to create a culture of rapid improvement. 

Artur adds:

“Rachel realised I felt under pressure with the arrival of a baby. We agreed I could complete my English and finalise my maths at my own pace, online. She continued to support me through the process, which I will always be grateful for.”

Leadership skills

At the second attempt, Artur gained his qualification. The assessor’s feedback included praise for overcoming challenges, a clear understanding of different leadership styles, and adopting a democratic approach when suggesting organisational change.

Now possessing a level 3 team leader apprenticeship, Artur will use his skills to add value in the workplace and gain further responsibility. Alongside this, he is keen to point out that as his career develops, family time with his new wife and child is just as important. Artur says:

“I’ve loved watching and playing football all my life. But today, my biggest hobby is my daughter. This is one of the reasons I never gave up.”

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