Chemical Awareness


This course provides essential information and processes to ensure the health, safety and handling of dangerous goods. It is required for all employees involved in the movement of dangerous goods with the exception of drivers. It should be completed by loaders, handlers, warehouse and storage personnel.

Course Benefits

  • Provides compliance with regulations
  • Improves safety culture
  • Improved morale of staff who feel invested in and valued by employers

Course content

  • Employer and employee duties
  • Regulations and responsibilities
  • Hazard classes
  • Package marks
  • Packing groups
  • Transport categories
  • Waste management and environmental protection
  • Required documentation
  • Vehicle marking
  • Ancillary equipment, technical equipment
  • Loading procedures
  • Checks before a journey
  • Tunnel procedures
  • Supervision
  • Mixed loading, segregation
  • Multimodal operations
  • The Law
  • PPE
  • Security and decontamination

Course delivery

The course is one day long (8 hours including breaks) and delivered in person through classroom-based learning.

Course location

The course is available at our TRS Training Academy in Liverpool or we can deliver it onsite at the customers’ location.

Cost & payment

Prices for this course are variable, depending on customer requirements. There are discounts available for multiple bookings. Please contact to enquire about prices.


Please email to find out more and book this course on a date to suit you.