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You Don’t Have to Be Male to Drive a Lorry: 5 Reasons Anyone Can Start A Career Driving an LGV

We’ve all seen a lady lorry driver and thought: “That’s unusual”.

And let’s be honest, driving a large goods vehicle isn’t usually top of the list of career choices for most girls. We want to change all that, and are actively inviting females to take a look at our LGV apprenticeship.

Here’s 5 reasons females should consider becoming an LGV driver:

1. Lots of jobs available

Everybody likes job security. There’s a shortage of drivers across the UK, and this is set to increase so you’re pretty much guaranteed employment. You’ll probably have your pick of jobs to choose from. 

2. Generous Pay

A lorry driver can expect to earn up to £35,000 per year – pay is good to encourage driver loyalty. Employers provide opportunities for their drivers to earn bonuses for safe driving, carrying certain loads, or travelling long distances. Whilst on an LGV apprenticeship, your starter salary will be topped up by £5000 once you gain your CPC Driver licence.

3. Be a Trailblazer

Women still only make up 2% of drivers. Train as an LGV driver and you’d be at the cutting edge of women breaking into a traditionally male dominated career. Eventually you could end up encouraging other women to follow in your footsteps, or even help them learn the skills you’ve acquired. The Road Haulage Association is on a mission to create an inclusive culture within the road transport industry with their She’s RHA project. They are actively working to remove the male stereotype perception of the industry.  You can be part of this exciting culture shift!

4. Independence

Working as an LGV driver means you won’t spend your time tied to a desk – you can enjoy life on the open road, driving all over the UK and abroad. Lots of employers allow you to work flexible hours and as your career progresses you might even decide to become self-employed.  Being your own boss is a dream of many.  

5. It’s exciting!

Driving a truck is an exhilarating and powerful experience, and there is such a variety of jobs that you’ll never be bored – from driving a delivery van, to a car transporter! You get to travel and meet many different people when you deliver your goods.

Female or male, if you’re tempted to find out more contact the recruitment team at TRS Training Ltd on 01744 809 010. We’ve got many Apprenticeship vacancies with haulage companies all over the country.