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Apprentice Agnes Amazes with her Achievements

Thanks to an outstanding attitude to learning and a rock-solid work ethic, quality engineer Agnes Hrustinszki of Vision Labs has become an inspiration for those undertaking an apprenticeship to progress their career. Agnes recently completed a Business Improvement Techniques Level 2 Apprenticeship with TRS, and her professionalism and dedication have made a lasting impression on her tutors.

A Quality Job

Agnes grew up in Hungary and moved to the UK just over a decade ago. In 2017, the workplace where Agnes had been working for seven years as a quality auditor burned down. Luckily, Agnes was able to get a job at Vision Labs as a quality engineer, and her career has continued to flourish. At Vision Labs, Agnes inspects the quality of lenses and solves problems with equipment and personnel. Agnes enjoys investigating the root cause of issues and trying to solve them. Additionally, Agnes likes being able to help others as part of her job.

Trusted Training Provider

Vision Labs actively commits to ongoing professional development and enrols many of its staff on courses with TRS, a longstanding trusted training provider for the company. Therefore, when Agnes was looking to develop her skills and gain qualifications, TRS were the obvious choice. Agnes soon enrolled on a Business Improvement Techniques Level 2 course and Level 2 Functional Skills with TRS. Not only did Agnes impress TRS, but the feeling is also mutual, as Agnes explains:

“The training was absolutely amazing! My maths and English skills course were available online due to lockdown. This was so helpful, and it kept my mind busy. My functional skills tutor, Sadie, is fantastic. She is so knowledgeable and helpful. Carl and Lee tutored the Business Improvement course, and they made it interesting. I really enjoyed every day of training.”

Overcoming Barriers

Agnes’s achievements are particularly impressive because English is not her first language. Agnes has put in a lot of work to improve her spoken and written English. Functional Skills tutor Sadie explains:

“Agnes’ achievements are so impressive. She demonstrates a great deal of dedication, and her commitment to her course has been outstanding. Whenever she was set a task, she would be determined to complete it. She wasn’t afraid to say if she was unsure, and she always strived to get it right. In particular, her achievement of Level 2 English as a non-native speaker is remarkable.”

Agnes was grateful for the help she received with her English. Moreover, she felt that TRS considered the demands of her workplace and accommodated her night shifts:

“I can’t thank everyone at TRS enough for their help and support. They were there for me at any time of the day to offer help. They understood that because I work nights, it was sometimes difficult to access daytime classes. As English was not my first language, they were very supportive and patient whenever I struggled to understand business language.”

Looking to the future

Agnes is excited about her future and is hoping to do more training with TRS. Agnes hopes to develop as a leader. Moreover, she is excited about being able to help others to develop too.

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