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Employer feedback: TFS

Employer: Adam Morris, General Manager, Trade Fabrication Systems (TFS)

We have received fantastic feedback from one of our clients TFS about TRS trainer for our Traffic Office Apprenticeship programme, Chris Budge. Adam says:

“In all honesty, Chris has been brilliant and has truly been the catalyst to getting our guys over the line. Without his perseverance and patience, I doubt we’d have gotten anywhere near.

We had a few changes in personnel at the start of the year, so over the last few months, it’s been hard for him to get hold of me and the guys (apprentices) at times. Despite this, he really has helped them along. He is spoken highly of by the guys he’s trained; he was brilliant on the site visit and showed a remarkable amount of determination to get them to where they needed to be.

Truly and sincerely from all at TFS, we couldn’t be happier with the efforts of Chris and yourself to get the guys to the goal posts.”

More on Trade Fabrication Systems Ltd

Since 1998 Trade Fabrication Systems Ltd has been the UK’s leading processor of BBA approved peel clean protective films for floor panels, Class 0 foil faced boards and factory applied coatings for a variety of applications.

Their enviable reputation has been built over the years by working closely with customers to effectively combine innovation with unbeatable service enabling us to offer products suitable for use in a wide range of industries.

Based in Woolston, Warrington, adjacent to Junction 21 of the M6, employing a highly dedicated workforce and utilising the latest manufacturing processes, TFS offer a diverse range of products and services which are at the forefront of customer expectation and requirements. Factory finished quality products that provide a combination of performance, economy, speed and efficiency.

TFS’s experienced and dedicated technical support team thoroughly understand customers’ needs, have unrivalled product knowledge and being constantly in tune with the latest industry developments, actively contribute to a continuing company development