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Employer feedback: Specsavers

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I have used TRS Training over the last 10 years in 3 different companies that I have worked in England.

More recently I have used them in Specsavers over the last 5 years in 2 Divisions in the West Midlands area with very positive results.

Manufacturing is about always trying to improve people & processes. I have used the TRS Lean course to look at ways to reduce cost & develop our people by giving them the tools & confidence to deliver their objectives. This was never used before in these Divisions but after the success of the first wave of people we were inundated with requests to join each year.

The TRS Trainers have always been very professional & supportive to myself & the learners.

I would highly recommend them to you.

I would also add that Kevin Birch (Director) is very committed to customer satisfaction & delivering a great service.

Hope this helps.



Brendan Graham Operations Director, Specsavers SOK      

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