The Transport and Warehouse Operations Supervisor Standard develops the knowledge skills and behaviours for monitoring and supervising transport and warehouse operations. Staff learn how to understand customer contracts, manage staff performance, use it to monitor productivity, ensure compliance, put controls in place to monitor this, and improve their resource planning and project management skills.

What skills do staff develop?

Staff develop professional competence in many areas search as

  • Understanding and meeting customer service contracts
  • Developing methods to monitor staff performance and behaviours, including recruitment and resource planning
  • Understanding how to use IT systems to promote productivity
  • Developing knowledge of compliance with the environment, health, safety and wellbeing and regulatory requirements
  • Techniques to monitor and report on the day-to-day operational performance of the supply chain
  • Developing knowledge and competence of resource planning methods and techniques to ensure budgets and targets are met
  • Develop organisational improvement techniques and project management skills

Transport supervisors will also achieve a Level 3 transport managers CPC. Warehouse supervisors will develop knowledge and skills of warehouse management operations. Everyone on the apprenticeship will achieve English and maths to level 2 if they haven’t already. In addition, they will develop their understanding of safeguarding, wellbeing and professional behaviours.


12 to 15 months.

Training timelines

We have developed visual training timelines for the two available routes on this apprenticeship: the transport route and the warehouse route. You can download these by clicking on the relevant graphic below.


Structure of Apprenticeship

Phase 1 Initial Assessment

Applicants complete an assessment in English and maths. Their job position must provide the opportunity to gather evidence and develop competence within the standard. TRS will assess their prior knowledge and experience and long-term goals to ensure this apprenticeship is the best option for them.

Phase 2 Training

The apprenticeship is delivered through monthly knowledge sessions, the completion of workplace projects, and one to one tutorials.

Phase 3 Gateway

The gateway is a review stage towards the end of the apprenticeship when the apprentice, employer and TRS trainer get together to see if additional training or skills practice is needed. They will check to see if the apprentice has met all requirements of the apprenticeship and is ready for the end point assessment stage

Phase 4 End Point Assessment

The apprenticeentice is assessed by an independent organisation to determine whether they have passed the apprenticeship and to what standard (either at pass or distinction level).

Progression opportunities

Achievers can apply to be a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport CILT.

Achievement of this apprenticeship could lead to a level 5 apprenticeship in Operations Departmental Manager or more specialised transport and warehouse learning routes.

Employer Expectations

Employers must commit to allowing their apprentices to complete at least 20% paid off the job training to complete their studies. They will also need to provide a workplace mentor and opportunities for apprentices to complete workplace projects that enable improvements within the organisation.


For small and medium businesses that do not pay the apprenticeship levy, the Government funds 95% of the apprenticeship.  The employer pays the other 5% plus the apprentice’s wages.  Larger firms that pay the levy can meet 100% of the costs using their levy funds.

Why choose apprenticeships?

  • Address skills shortages
  • Increase staff loyalty, motivation and productivity
  • Tap into available funding
  • A way of ensuring quality standards in your business

Why choose TRS?

  • Approved by Government to deliver apprenticeships
  • Expert advice for businesses on apprenticeship funding
  • Niche manufacturing and logistics industry expertise
  • Many years experience of successfully delivering apprenticeships
  • Our trainers can be located onsite at employer premises
  • Free recruitment service

Further information

If you have staff you want to enrol onto the Transport & Warehouse Operations Supervisor Apprenticeship Standard, or you want to recruit apprentices, please contact Andy on 07719 031203 or complete the blue form to the right of this page.

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