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TRS sign apprenticeship contract with Calor Gas

Calor Gas has teamed up with TRS Training to train employees as LGV drivers.  The firm will enrol both existing staff and new recruits onto TRS’s LGV apprenticeship programme

The supplier of non-mains gas to families, businesses and communities, is aiming to enrol up to 20 staff members onto the LGV apprenticeship programme during the next 12 months. The move will create career development opportunities for existing staff, and ensure the firm has skilled workers as it emerges from the pandemic. In addition, TRS will also focus training to have an impact on productivity and performance. 

Cat C licences

TRS will be helping develop the skills of Calor Gas staff at various distribution sites across the country. They will provide training via virtual classroom, allowing flexibility based on the demands of the workplace.  Importantly, the 12-month programme will lead to the apprentices gaining their Category C and C+E licences, as well as other relevant skills. 

Incentive payment for employers

New recruits enrolled before 31st January 2020 will EACH earn Calor Gas a government incentive payment of between £1500 and £2,000. This is part of the Government’s schedule of support for employers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Calor Gas will meanwhile be using their Apprenticeship Levy fund to meet training costs. 

Employer needs guide the format and delivery of the LGV Driver Apprenticeship Standard. The TRS team provides seamless training and support, even covering applications for licenses and medicals. Theory and in-cab training and support form part of the training. In addition, apprentices can develop their maths and English skills for candidates if required.

Workplace mentor

Throughout their training, apprentices will benefit from a workplace mentor and will undertake regular reviews with their dedicated TRS trainer. The aim is that after twelve to eighteen months, enrollees will have acquired their licence and successfully completed an end point assessment. 

Investing in the course is a robust way for Calor, and other firms, to develop LGV drivers. In fact taking this step helps mitigate the challenge faced by businesses in the wake of a shortage of professional drivers.  


Candidates who complete their LGV apprenticeship are then in a position to progress to the Transport Manager/Supervisor Apprenticeship standard which includes the Transport Manager CPC.

Employers who want to find out more about recruiting and training LGV apprentices, please call Kevin Birch on 01744 809 010.