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ASDA opts for TRS Training

One of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains has chosen TRS to deliver sector-specific Apprenticeship training.  

Asda operates more than 600 supermarkets from its headquarters in Leeds and has enrolled 30 staff on the Team Leader Apprenticeship standard delivered by TRS Training. As part of the training programme, the employees will achieve industry-standard level 3 qualifications recognised by the Institute of Learning and Management. The apprentices, who work in locations across England and Scotland, will undertake TRS’s programme wholly online. In this way, training will cause minimum disruption to working routines. However, the students’ training reviews will be carried out by TRS tutors in person.  

Team Leader Apprenticeship provides ILM endorsement

Twenty-five Asda staff have enrolled on the Team Leader Apprenticeship standard, which will also give them an Institute of Leadership & Management endorsement. During their course of study,  the employees will develop leadership and management skills, and as a result, they will drive business performance and productivity within Asda. 

Focus on logistics

A further five apprentices are following the same team leader Apprenticeship programme but tailored specifically for the transport sector. TRS Training delivers this bespoke training course with the support of The Road Haulage Association.  These individuals are following a programme with a focus on logistics: the cohort will train as transport managers with the opportunity to gain the CPC qualification.  The trainees will emerge from the course with skills to manage a large fleet of vehicles in a professional and legally compliant manner. 

All the Asda team members will gain a robust grounding in managing people and themselves and building relationships; likewise, this will allow them to implement effective operations. 

Improved productivity

The apprentices will enjoy a career boost, and Asda will benefit from improved productivity – research shows that each apprentice brings a gain of more than £10,000 per year for their employer. In the same vein, a large number of employers say that apprentices make their organisations more competitive.

Kevin Birch, director with TRS Training says:

“Developing existing staff to have new skills is a win-win.  Firms can cement loyalty and reap the benefits of more productive employees. As we emerge from the pandemic, new and smarter ways of working are more important than ever before. Customers like to support firms that are investing in their staff. By choosing to partner with TRS, Asda highlights the confidence our clients have in us being able to deliver their goals as they move forward.”

TRS Training has extensive experience of delivering Apprenticeships in the management, logistics, road haulage and manufacturing sectors. The Asda employees are likely to have completed their training by Autumn 2021.  

For existing employees of any age who enrol on apprenticeships, employers can receive at least 95% of course fees or 100% via the Apprenticeship Levy. Also, the Government has recently announced incentives worth up to £3000 for firms to create new apprenticeships roles.